Blasting (cleaning) with dry ice

Blasting (cleaning) with dry ice is considerably more friendly not only to the materials, but also to the environment. Last but not least, it can be used flexibly, starting from the cleaning of painted surfaces with a coating, in the same way as in the case of traditional sandblasting, except without destruction of the surface. Another alternative use is the cleaning of fatty and heavily contaminated surfaces, even in places with very poor reachability. The great advantage is the sublimation of the cleaning media immediately after fulfilling its function.

Phase 1 – Kinetic – when the dry ice particles drifting in a pressurized air stream impact on the surface at the speed of sound. This breaks and removes the contaminants from the surface being cleaned.

Phase 2 – Thermal – the low temperature of the particles of dry ice (-79 °C) causes the cooling of the contaminant so that it becomes brittle and easily detachable from the surface being cleaned.

Phase 3 – Sublimation – the dry ice particles penetrate the contaminant and instantly sublimate (there is a change of physical state from solid state into gas). This leads to a 541-fold increase in the volume and an explosive effect that separates dirt from the surface being cleaned.

The advantages of dry-ice cleaning:

  1. The process of dry cleaning by dry ice blasting is a dry process. CO2 particles in contact with the surface sublimate immediately.
  2. No secondary waste – this treatment technology does not produce any secondary waste. After cleaning, the residue is simply wiped or mopped up.
  3. Ecological – dry ice blasting is a gentle and environmentally friendly technology. It does not use any toxic substances or supporting chemicals.
  4. Non-aggressive – dry ice blasting is a gentle and environmentally friendly technology. It does not use any toxic substances or supporting chemicals.
  5. Increased production quality – dry ice blasting allows tools and equipment to be cleaned during the production process without complex disassembly and costly shutdowns of machines.
  6. Quick and efficient – a combination of quick and efficient cleaning and a wide choice of application nozzles allows for quick cleaning, even in hard-to-reach parts and assemblies.

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